Request for paintings from children by International Kids Art Association 


Conveying the lives of children living in the same era, mainly targeting the  generation who will be responsible for the future, we provide an opportunity to think about a prosperous and peaceful future through paintings drawn by children around the world. In the open-air ethnographic museum, a permanent gallery of children’s paintings from around the world will be set up, stored and exhibited which is open to the  public during the months of March and June 2023h organized by the IKA (International Kids Art Association) in Aichi Prefecture supported by Prefectures of Aichi/Gifu, embassies in Japan, municipalities, education board, so on.


Details of the application

1.      Target age:  6 to 20 years old

2.     Number of the works:  10 works selected in your country (Please put the name/gender/age/country/title of the paintings)

3.     Size:  54cm x 38cm (regular drawing paper)

4.    Drawing materials:  free to use whatever art materials you like

5.     Theme of the works:  Festival through the eyes and hearts of children

6.    Venue:  Little World (open-air ethnographic museum)

7.     Deadline:the end of February 2023


Please send the works to the following mailing address by the end of February 2023.

International Kids Art Association (IKA)

1-212, Fujishima, Komaki-City, Aichi Prefecture 485-0068

Tel. 0568-77-2355