Ministry of Foreign Affairs has arranged a set of programmes/events to celebrate the 5th “National Digital Bangladesh Day (2021)” on 12th December 2021. As this year, MOFA is nears the completion of an ambitious set of ICT reforms and application building, complementing the Digital Bangladesh initiative of the Government, the day is of special significance to us. Given the importance of the observance of the day this year, the following programmes have been arranged:

a) A webinar - elaborating on the MOFA ICT initiatives and also on the future of ICT in diplomacy (or vice versa). This programme will be graced by the Hon'ble Foreign Minister, Hon’ble State Minister and Foreign Secretary. (Zoom link for the webinar will be transmitted later).

b) An essay competition on "E-Diplomacy" for the children (under 21) of all officials working in the Ministry and it’s Missions abroad. (600 words, in Bangla/ English) Google form link for registration:

c) An online debate championship (single-form) for all officers working in the Ministry and the Missions abroad. Google form link for registration:

d) A global online short story competition (50-word short story on "স্বপ্ন: ২০৪১ এ বাংলাদেশ/

Bangladesh in 2041: A Dream in the Making”, open to all, any language is welcome)

Google form link for registration:

Appropriate/interested person are requested to participate the event.