Hon’ble Prime Minister of Bangladesh and India have declared 06 December as “Maitree Diwas” or Friendship Day- the day when India recognized Bangladesh as an independent country in 1971. The two countries are going to jointly celebrate Friendship Day on 06 December 2021 in 18 selected capitals of the world.  As part of the event, an open Logo and Backdrop Design Competition has been organized by two countries. Citizens of only Bangladesh and India are eligible to participate in the competition.  There are some distinct criteria and conditions which are mentioned in the guidelines for the competition. The detailed guidelines as well as participation link is given below:


Indian side has also created a separate web link for the submission of entries. Entries submitted through any of the two links are acceptable subject to the fulfillment of set eligibility criteria. All interested Bangladeshi nationals are encouraged to submit the entries through our web link as mentioned above.  Winners will be awarded with attractive honorarium. Entries received only through web links will be eligible for consideration. Submission through email or any other format will not be accepted. The deadline for submission of entries is 31 October 2021.