Embassy of Bangladesh in Tokyo observed 'Genocide Day' 2024

The Embassy of Bangladesh in Tokyo solemnly observed 'Genocide Day' on 25 March 2024 marking the tragic events of March 25, 1971. The commemoration began with attendees wearing black badges and observing a moment of silence to honor the memory of all the martyrs who lost their lives on that fateful night. Special prayers were offered for the three million known and unknown martyrs who valiantly sacrificed themselves during the Liberation War in 1971. Additionally, prayers were extended to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the Father of the Nation, and his family members who tragically passed away on August 15, 1975. Messages from the Hon’ble President and Prime Minister regarding Genocide Day were read out by Embassy officials.
His Excellency Mr. Shahabuddin Ahmed, Ambassador of Bangladesh to Japan, delivered an address paying tribute to the courageous heroes who sacrificed their lives on the fateful night of March 25, 1971. He highlighted the sinister intentions behind the Pakistani military's "Operation Searchlight", aimed at perpetrating genocide and suppressing the independence movement led by Bangabandhu. The Ambassador emphasized Bangabandhu's declaration of independence and his call for resistance against the occupation forces.
The program also included a discussion on the significance of the day, with active participation from Embassy officials. It concluded with the screening of a documentary on Genocide Day, attended by all embassy officers and officials.