The Ambassador

Ambassador’s Message


Japan occupies a very special place in Bangladesh’s foreign policy and people-to-people relations, and the Embassy is committed to strengthening and deepening bilateral relations in every sphere including political, economic, trade, education, sports and culture. We wish to establish Bangladesh as the favoured destination for Japanese companies, students and tourists.

The Embassy’s mission is to foster responsible public diplomacy and to enhance people-to-people contact. Towards that end, we have been providing regular updates on the various activities and events organized by the Embassy through our webpage and Facebook page.

Frequent exchange of high level visits between our two countries continue, testament to the growing engagement between Bangladesh and Japan under the framework of Comprehensive Partnership. People-to-people contact is also growing in different spheres. Japan as a destination for quality higher education is increasingly being recognized in Bangladesh and that is evident from the growing number of Bangladeshi students coming to Japan for higher education.  And I expect this trend to continue in the coming years.


As our major development partner, Japan has continued to support our development efforts.  Mega infra-structure projects are progressing at a brisk pace.  We have also observed a steady growth in trade and investment between the two countries.  Two-way trade between the two countries now stands at nearly USD 3 billion, and Japan has emerged as our 9th largest trading partner, and the top in Asia. There is keen interest and potentials to further deepen and expand economic cooperation and business relations.  I am encouraged to see the number of Japanese companies in Bangladesh growing, with nearly 270 now based there.  I invite more Japanese businesses to further explore the potentials of Bangladesh as an investment destination.


I am pleased to share with you that our efforts to update the database of Bangladesh nationals in Japan has progressed well.  I will request those who have not yet registered to do so.  It will only take a few minutes to register yourself through the Citizen Registration form on our website and mail it back to the following e-mail: . All information provided will be kept confidential.


I thank all members of the Bangladesh community in Japan for their contribution in promoting friendly relations between our two countries. The Embassy and I, remain committed to serving you all to the best of our abilities. We welcome your suggestions and feedback on any of the services we render. Please send your views, comments and feedback to us at: .  A comment box has also been set up in the Embassy to receive your feedback.


I wish you all continued prosperity and success in your endeavours and look forward to your support in further expanding and deepening Bangladesh-Japan relations.


Long Live Bangladesh-Japan Friendship.


Rabab Fatima