The Press Wing


The Press Wing which was established in 2017 is responsible for handling all aspects of public diplomacy for the government of Bangladesh and its Embassy in Tokyo. The main function of Press Wing is facilitating advanced communication and media interaction between Bangladesh and Japan. It serves as a primary contact point for Bangladesh and Japanese media and for the public on cultural, tourism, and educational aspects.
It provides information on issues related to Bangladesh with relevant importance as well as foreign policy matters associated with Bangladesh.

-Issues Press Release on behalf of the Mission/Government of Bangladesh and disseminate the news in Japanese media
-Publishes regularly news bulletin and publicity material, both monthly and quarterly
-Provides information / materials to queries from media about Bangladesh
-Supports coverage arrangement for media
-Produces marketing collaterals for the Embassy
-Hold film/documentary/painting/book shows and cultural functions to promote the culture of Bangladesh
-Organizes seminars and symposia on topical issues relating to history and culture of Bangladesh
-Provides seminars and lecture programs for the enlightened guests at the
Universities/Chamber of Commerce/think-tanks to explore Bangladesh’s potentials
-Organizes Exchange Programs of Media between Bangladesh and Japan
-Closely monitors Japanese media trends and other developments in Japan

Contact Person:
Md. Shiplu Zaman
First Secretary (Press Wing)
Embassy of Bangladesh
3-29 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo, Japan 102-0094
Tel: 03-3234-5801 (ext. 211)