Attestations of Documents and National Certificate

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Documents/certificates to be attested by the Embassy must have prior authentication/attestation by the Consular section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dhaka. Without prior authentication of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy is unable to attest such documents.

Attestation of Legal Instruments/ Documents: .

Legal instruments to be executed in Bangladesh like Power of Attorney/Authorization, Affidavit etc. must be signed before the consular officer of the Embassy. Concerned person must bring his /her Bangladeshi passport to prove identity. One set of photocopy of the document and copy of the fist few pages of the passport need to be submitted for keeping record at the Embassy.

Attestation Fee: JPY 600 per page

Attestation of educational certificate/Relevant certificate: If Educational certificates are to be attested by the embassy, they must have prior authentication both by the concerned University/Educational Institution/Board and the Consular section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dhaka. Without having prior authentication, no certificate will be considered valid for attestation. .

Attestation Fee: JPY 600 per page .
National Certificate: .
To obtain national certificate, one has to apply with the copy of his/her passport. .
Fee: 600 yen .
Delivery time: 03 (Three) working days.

N.B. All service recipients are requested to take utmost care while transferring money to the designated account of the Embassy of Bangladesh, Tokyo. In case of any discrepancy, service recipients are requested to submit request for refund to the Embassy of Bangladesh, Tokyo within 7 (seven) days of the associated transaction, failing which the Embassy will not be liable or bound to refund any claim.

For any query please send e-mail to: You may also call +81 3 3234 5801 (Ext. 104)