No Visa Required

Bangladesh origin foreign citizens (except SAARC countries) are eligible for endorsement of “No Visa Required to Travel to Bangladesh” stamp on their foreign passports. Their (foreign born) spouses and children are also eligible for this endorsement, which allows the holder multiple entries into Bangladesh with unlimited duration of stay within the validity of the passport.

For NVR, you have to apply online. Visit and start your online application (you may face problem in logging-on the website if you are using an earlier version than 9.0 of Internet Explorer (Windows) or an earlier version than 3.5 of Mozilla Firefox). Please read the instructions carefully before you start your application. Since this is a common application system for New Visa, Extension of Visa, NVR and On Arrival Visa; you have to continue filling it up and select No Visa Required (NVR) in case of the category of your application.
Following documents have to be submitted for No Visa Required seal:

a) Printed copy of online Application.
b) 01 (one) copy passport size photograph
c) Original foreign passport with validity of at least six months
d) Police clearance report obtained from Bangladesh
e) Previous Japanese passport having ‘No Visa Required (NVR)’ stamp (applicable only in case of transfer of NVR to a new passport from an old one)

No Visa Required (NVR)’ stamp on the passport of child:
a) Current/ expired Bangladeshi passport of Father/Mother. Names of Father/Mother must be the same in both Birth Certificate of Child and parent’s Bangladesh Passport.
b) Child’s Bangladeshi passport or Japanese birth certificate where parents’ names and particulars are included. Names of the Child, and his/her Father and Mother along with other Particulars must be same.

N.B. In case of first-time NVR for a child, either the father or the mother of the child must have NVR. Otherwise the police clearance certificate of the father or the mother (who is a Bangladeshi citizen) will be required.
No Visa Required (NVR)’ stamp on the passport of spouse of Bangladesh national:

a) Valid Bangladeshi Passport of the person applying for NVR for spouse with foreign nationality
b) Foreign Passport/ Citizenship Certificate
c) Valid marriage documents attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka or valid marriage certificate from the city office of Japan
d) Declaration of the relationship and request for issuance of NVR, by the spouse (Bangladeshi).

Fees for NVR:
For NVR stamp on japanese passport: No Fee Required
For NVR stamp transfer: 6,000/- yen

Delivery Time: 3 (three) working days from submission of application.
For any query please send e-mail to: You may also call +81 3 3234 5801 (Ext. 106 or 121).